Yummy rice recipe

yummy rice 

Yesterday was my birthday,being njaanuary I decided to cook yummy food at the comfort of my home
Pork,vegetable rice,some veges,potatoes and juice,I really enjoyed my day
Pork recipe
Marinated the pork with ground garlic,ginger(optional),dark soy sauce and spices of choice
Stored for 2 hours
Put some oil in a pan then added the marinated pork
Let cook then turned
Let cook further then drained the excess oil.
Put onions,let cook a little then added tomato and tomato paste,let cook
Added Choma sauce,you can do sauce of your choice
Served hot can be eaten with ugali or rice

Soak your rice of choice for about 5minutes,wash and set aside
Put some oil in a sufuria,add the rice some salt and cold water,let cook when rice is almost ready,reduce the heat
Set rice aside chop vegetables,in my case I used red,yellow capsicum (hoho) and had preboiled peas in water with salt
I put raw but you can sauté in a little oil then mix the rice with vegetables in a bowl using a fork
Boil the potatoes,don't overcook,run them in cold water so that they don't overcook
Cook onions,garlic then add tomato and tomato paste,let cook,add spices of choice,let cook serve
Can be eaten alone or with accompaniments of choice
Chop French beans and carrots,
Add oil in a pan,add garlic plus onions
Then add the veges and fry
Serve with rice
Enjoy my dear

Yamna Oumadi

Yamna Oumadi

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